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Specialising in the reversal of chronic and degenerative mental and physical diseases, vaccine injury and other disorders, through restoring the bodies cellular biochemical processes and metabolic path ways

Hannah and Josh’s experience

Josh: Hospital experience and post portacath operation
Josh: clean bill of health, returning to school

My daughter had asthma & eczema since a very young child. After many visits to the doctors, hospital and skin specialists, at 13 years of age we decided to go to a natrapath, who diagnosed her with 28 food allergies.

We were overwhelmed with these results and felt it would be unrealistic to survive on a diet missing the most important nutrients needed for a child to grow, repair and thrive. So we had a consult with Karli at Macro Medical, she gave us the information and lifestyle changes we needed to restore our daughters health, without the need for steroids, creams and unrealistic diets.

I would recommend anyone with any medical condition to talk to these people, they are incredibly kind, knowledgeable, informed and intelligent people who can help. Thankyou we love you both.

April 2023

“After MRIs, CTs, XRays and Ultrasounds, I was unable to be diagnosed. I had endured months of pain related to pregnancy/delivery and a mysterious inflammation in my hips, bone marrow and spine, leaving me unable to lay down to sleep, and struggling to walk.”

“I had a consultation with Macro Medical, and after almost 12 months of pain and thinking I would never be cured I began to see improvement within 3 weeks of beginning my treatment protocol suggested by Karli.”

“I’m now completely cured, I can sleep in my own bed and experience no pain in my everyday life. I recommend Macro medical to anyone for any reason.”

June 2022

“Six months ago Karli and Andy consulted with me on severe inflammation and arthritis diagnosed by a medical specialist. As a result of that consultation I commenced a pathway to reverse those conditions including supplements and changes to my diet along with other lifestyle changes.”

“The results have been amazing; I stopped taking the prescription drugs in two months of commencing those changes and am essentially without the symptoms experienced earlier. Highly recommend a discussion with Macro Medical.”

BJC 72 years
June 2022

“A scare loaded doctor’s appointment led me to the discovery of the incredible knowledge of Karli at Macro Medical. I quickly learnt that what I was being led to believe and pursue in the mainstream medical system wasn’t my only option to solve my ill situation. In fact, my instinct that it would cause me more harm than good saved me from entering into something I wasn’t comfortable with. In truth, the scary and possibly life-threatening situation I was told I was in was actually just deficiencies.”

“Karli’s knowledge and experience is what I call on in any situation of question. Honestly, she has changed our lives. As parents, we feel so secure knowing our kids’ bodies are getting everything they need. I constantly hear “we’ve been sick for six weeks in our family” or “my child has had so many ear infections”. Not us, not anymore. Our family are so well, age seems only to be bringing out the best in us after getting what we need into our bodies. My children have never needed a doctor for health issues. Yes, NEVER!”

“Karli is that person you wish you could keep in your home. Her advice is so affordable and easy to follow, plus it is so clearly scientific. Please, get her into your life!”

June 2022

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