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Specialising in the reversal of chronic and degenerative mental and physical diseases, vaccine injury and other disorders, through restoring the bodies cellular biochemical processes and metabolic path ways

About Us

Andy and Karli

Cell Specialists &
Founders of Macro Medical

We are not your traditional or conventional health professionals at all, we never intended to work in human health, but, when a Mum and Dad’s worst nightmare became our worst nightmare, the course of our lives and our work,  changed forever.  

We are both scientists and have studied in the fields of soil, plants, animals, genetics, nutrition, biochemistry, biology, physiology, engineering and education. Both graduates from the University of New England, Karli graduated with first class honours and a University Medal.

We are critical thinkers who aren’t afraid to question current medical dogma or protocols and their impact on quality of life. We believe good health is a human right that should be made available to all who seek it. 

We are passionate about restoring health from the ground up – literally. 

It is our mission to teach people about the fundamental connections between soil, plant, animal and human health and how to apply this knowledge to prevent and reverse the pathways that cause chronic and degenerative diseases. 

Our vision is for all Australians to understand that chronic degenerative conditions and diseases are not genetic, bad luck or just part of ageing,  but rather the consequence of a body that is deficient in what it needs to function properly at a cellular level.

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