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Specialising in the reversal of chronic and degenerative mental and physical diseases, vaccine injury and other disorders, through restoring the bodies cellular biochemical processes and metabolic path ways

How Macro Medical Can Help You

Any chronic degenerative condition that has been acquired throughout life has the capacity to begin reversing. From heartburn, eczema, asthma, intestinal disorders, infertility, autoimmune, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and ADHD through to hypothyroidism, arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, migraines, dementia and organ failures, just to name a few.

There are many complex interactions which affect biochemistry and metabolic pathways at the cellular level. At Macro Medical we have mapped these interactions and understand the processes involved to begin restoring health. 

The biology and chemistry behind this understanding is complex,  but behind all complex phenomena lies basic foundations. Our understanding of how the body works and investigation, means that we can teach you these basic foundations and begin your recovery.

  • Joint Pain
  • Blood Disorders
  • Women's health
  • Weight issues
  • Mental health
  • Ligament, Tendon and Nerve issues
  • Digestive issues
  • Migraine and Headache's
  • Skin Disorders
  • Osteoporosis
  • Fertility and Pregnancy
  • Thyroid issues
  • Inflammation
  • Chest Pain and Heart issues
  • Back Pain
  • Respiratory issues
  • Skin Disorders
  • Blood Sugar

Experience the Difference…

Macro Medical

“Living things can heal – when given the right environment and raw materials necessary to do so”.

Conventional Medicine

  “A chronic disease is a long-term condition that doesn’t get better on its own and for which there is no cure. Symptoms can only be managed with drugs and or surgery”

Let us show you the way!

At Macro Medical we understand that health is biochemical, not pharmaceutical, and this gives us a completely different insight into restoring your health.

Why Us?

We’ve been there, we understand how demoralising, frustrating, time wasting and ineffective the ‘symptom management’ model is.

When our 6 year old son Darcy developed life threatening Bone Marrow Failure, our life as we knew it was over, and a terrifying and heartbreaking journey began.

As desperate parents looking for answers, we undertook the mammoth task of finding the cause and developing a reversal protocol when conventional medicine couldn’t and wouldn’t.

We uncovered incredible scientific truths, knowledge and wisdom concerning human diseases by accomplished, respected and Nobel prize winning scientists across the globe.

Fortunately,  Darcy’s story had a happy ending, but only because as his parents we stepped up and we drove the bus of his recovery – without pharmaceuticals or a transplant. See Darcy’s full story here.

Our Son, Darcy – Receiving a Blood Transfusion
Darcy with his baby brother and older sister to keep him company

Watch Meryl Dorey’s – AVN Network, interview with Karli and Andy here: Starting 12min 18sec

Our Approach

All disease prevention and reversal must begin at the level of the cell, there is no short-cutting this fact. 

When a cell can’t get what it needs to stay well, it gets sick, diseased and dies. And that’s exactly what follows in your body! All diseases begin at the level of the cell and then move through to the tissues and organs of the body.

By correcting issues at a cellular level, we can begin to correct issues at the level of the brain, skin, bone, liver or kidney.

Why education is a key part of what we do.

Not knowing how our bodies work, renders us helpless and scared when they start falling apart. 

When we don’t know the fundamental needs of our body, we are vulnerable to diseases, living in pain and being suckers for every new drug, therapy, surgery or injection offered to us.

Knowing how to be your own health authority is mission critical to reversing chronic disease.

Macro Medical’s education component is part of our conversation process. We show you how your body works in a simple way that makes it easy for you to begin the disease reversal process for your particular condition.

Help support others in need.

“We believe good health is a fundamental human right that should be made available to all who seek it”.

Macro Medical puts people over profit, as such any donations would be gratefully received to help others in need.

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