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Specialising in the reversal of chronic and degenerative mental and physical diseases and disorders through restoring the bodies cellular biochemical processes and metabolic path ways

At Macro Medical, conversations can be had in person or over the phone.   and, our help is ongoing for 3 months.
We want you to get better!

Step 1.
Fill in the ‘contact us’ form below with your details (we will contact you as soon as we can to arrange a conversation time).

Step 2.
After your conversation time has been confirmed, an upfront compensation of $250 is required (this includes on-going help if needed). We have found that after the 3 month period, people are well on their way to taking back control of their health. We are always available via email to answer any questions you may have – no additional fee required, we want to see you get better.

Step 3.
Once compensation is received, we will send you our ‘Understanding the Basics of Disease Prevention and Reversal’ audio to listen to prior to your personal discussion. 

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